How to keep your jewelry in good condition.


Your earring is black, and you can not wear it, the chain is oxidized,
you lost the stone or you lost your ring, here you will find information about
proper maintenance of your jewelry.
Our jewelry is made of silver, brass, wood, leather, white metal, and steel. Our stones are real and precious. All our jewelry is durable and you will keep them for a long time if you use them properly.
A) Brass
Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, to keep them shiny it is important to polish them with lemon, put them in the lemon and then rub them with a cloth and rinse them.
B) Silver is a soft metal with a strong metallic luster to maintain it you can get a soft cloth and a chemical that are sold in the market and take care of natural cleaning methods read our article.

 C) Wood is a natural material and to preserve it you can pass it with a cloth with oil, it is also good not to dip them in water, especially those that have a porous material.

 D) Leather is a natural material, we do not dip it in water, sea because it loses its luster.
 E) White metal is a metal alloy in silver color that consists of copper, nickel and zinc, otherwise in Greek you say argando. These jewels are easy to maintain if you do not put them on with perfume and chemicals that you clean.

G) Surgical steel is durable, does not suffer anything and withstands all conditions, retains its color.
H) Stones, these jewels that have stones, it is good not to wear them at sea, do not wear them with chemical cleaners and not in the sun because some are sensitive to keep them for many years.
Useful TIPS
Many of our customers lose their jewelry or bring it in for repair because they do not know how to use it. Jewelry is delicate and needs attention.
 We wear them a lot but when we do housework it is good to take them out so as not to lose them and not to leave their stones.
At night when we go to bed we take off the earrings so as not to break them and to be as comfortable as possible.
We lose most of our jewelry at sea, so we take care not to wear the most valuable ones because we can easily lose them.
We put them in canvas bags separately from the other jewelry and we do not put other objects inside that can damage them such as thermometer etc.
Here you will find the collection of our jewelry
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