AVENTOURINI: Stone of prosperity. It absorbs electromagnetic cloud and protects you from environmental pollution. It gives you determination.

· AZURITIS: This crystal helps you in evolution and meditation.

· HEMATITIS: Helps the mind to focus and gather information quickly. It harmonizes body and spirit.

AKUA MARINA: Reduces our phobias and helps us relax and find happiness in our daily work.

AMAZONITIS: Prevents geopathic stress and protects the individual from electromagnetic energy. It helps the nervous system a lot.

· AMETHYST (QUARTZ): Offers balance and harmony in the spirit. It opens the intuition and is very good at meditation. It protects you from the evil eye by making bad energy love.

AMETRINIS: This crystal cures you of depression. It has strong cleansing properties that dissolve the negativity of the aura.

· AGATIS: Primarily a crystal that brings luck. It dispels the unwanted vibrations that come from the negative emotions of others. It brings courage.

· AGATIS TI FIRE: It is a crystal that protects the body from evil and sends it from where it came from.

· VRYOACHATIS: It rejuvenates the soul and helps us to see beauty.

· LACE AGATIS: It gives us peace of mind and helps us to freely express our ideas and feelings.

· DENDRITIC AGATIS: It is a stone that creates a peaceful environment and encourages us to live and enjoy our every moment.

FRAUD: It banishes the anger that we have for a long time inside us and helps us to unblock it.

ALEXANDRITIS: It brings a lot of luck to the person who has it and helps his creativity and change.

Fossilized Wood: Helps us remember our past lives.

· LIMESTONE: With this stone on us we have confidence in ourselves and it turns theory into practice. It is useful in study and relieves us of emotional stress.

ARAGONITIS: Stabilizes the mental development that has gotten out of control. It prepares you for meditation and restores balance by raising the vibrations.

ANGELITIS: Increases perception, is full of compassion, raises awareness by opening new paths of spiritual inspiration with your own.

ANTIMONO: A sacred stone of the Muslims is believed to ward off the evil eye, it generally protects us.

ASTROPHILITIS: A stone for Reiki. It helps the spirit to reconcile and accept its existence with the whole body.

HEMATOPETRA: It dispels irrelevant thoughts from our mind, gives courage and confidence in difficult times.

· GARNET: Protects against any kind of mental attack. It offers inspiration and positive thoughts. It helps us to be simple and practical in our daily lives. We remember our dreams.

· GALINITIS: A stone of harmony grounded and relieves emotional problems. It is excellent for homeopaths and those who treat.

· DIAMOND - HERKIMER: Cleanses the chakras. It stimulates telepathy and this crystal is excellent for creating an energy fence around our house.

DIOPTASIOS: Purifies love and brings a new vibration to our heart. The heart chakra opens. It generally promotes our life in the present.

ELVAITIS (COLORFUL TOURMALINE): It brings the body the mind and the spirit to a state of wholeness. It promotes dreams, inspires creativity and stimulates our imagination.

SAFE BLUE: Crystal of meditation especially the blue. It strengthens faith, is related to love and purity. It helps you stay on your spiritual path. It offers insight.

· SUNFLOWER: It is a happy stone, it stimulates the mood. It brings you a deep connection with the light and refreshing energy of the sun.

· JASPIS: A stone that protects from the Basque Country and any kind of negative emotional influence. It encourages us to be honest with ourselves. Jasper prolongs sexual satisfaction.

· PEOPLE: It gives us a connection with our higher self. Releases the feeling of limitation. It opens the mind and clears negative patterns.

KINAVARITIS (dragon blood): Attracts plenty. Increases persuasion and creativity in sales. Helps organize business and finances. It gives flow to the mind and speech.

· SMOKE (QUARTZ): It helps us get rid of the hurt feeling. In the process, it clears up what holds us back in the past.

YELLOW (QUARTZ): Whoever wears Yellow does not have sadness in his life. A stone with the energy of the sun gives us joy in phobias, tensions and stress