10 powerful Amulets that protect us.

What powerful amulets do you know? We have a lot of jewelry from different cultures that have symbols and some interpretation. Do you want to know what all this means?
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Symbolizes eternal life is an ancient Egyptian symbol used as the universe of Earth and life. Union of the two powerful forces of heaven and Earth, with a
balance of masculine and feminine energy. It symbolizes Immortality and the rising of the Sun above the horizon.



The circle is a symbol of completion and eternity. Integrity, Infinity and protection. It symbolizes the self and the circles of the physical world. It is a symbol of compassion and protection.

C) The hand of Fatima

Fatima's hand is a piece of jewelry worn in many countries of the Middle East, Africa. Maria's hand otherwise symbolizes protection from the negative and open fingers attract good Health Wisdom Love power and money. This symbol also contains the female nature in a period when they had her as a goddess. The hand of the woman who protects with the care of motherhood, tenderness and care.
D) Yin Yang

In Chinese philosophy it is the duality and the opposing forces that can be interdependent, to bring the balance between the two opposites and to include the other. Light and darkness, fire water.
E) Celtic Knots

Celtic knots are symbols of the Celts for the four elements of nature. Strong amulet and protection against disease, a symbol of eternal love and strength

G) The key

It is a symbol of opening up to new opportunities and our unlimited potential and to find new perspectives and freedom also to close doors from parts of ourselves that we do not want to have access to within us.





H) Spiral

The spiral symbolizes from ancient times in many cultures around the world our ability for life to continue to explore and learn. Symbol of the nature of reincarnation and the search for knowledge. Also in ancient Greek philosophy is a symbol of the time of development and its continuation breath of life. When we wear it as an amulet it helps our consciousness to accept the changes, the turns and the evolution of life.


The pentacle is a symbol that has been misunderstood but was used by the ancient Greeks and Babylonians. The symbol for the Pythagoreans is Health and shows the four elements of nature Earth - air matter - breath water - liquid fire - energy soul - mind and you are related to a element that gives life to man the angle of its pentacle union with the divine .Symbol of human perfection Within and eternity .Whoever wears it on him will be filled with strength and will always be healthy.


The Cross is a symbol from ancient Greece, it has energy and the symbol of the fire of purification and redemption is light. Whoever wears it radiates a radiant divine energy and radiance of light that protects him. According to Egyptian Tradition, it symbolizes the descent to matter and the ascent to the divine through Death, for the Celts the passage from darkness to light. Strong protective symbol.



Symbol of Universal Unity. The sound from this syllable coordinates us with the first sound of the Universe. It represents the unlimited principle and energy of the Universe, the three worlds of earth, atmosphere and Heaven.


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